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Kasey Larson (President & Co-Founder) has been running DBY for 15+ years now. And while you'd think her background is in Hospitality, Events or Graphic Design - it's actually by way of a Finance/Marketing degree from DePaul University that this entrepreneur has the knowledge to run this successful independent business.  

Kasey holds a C.P.A. and a Post Graduate Entrepreneurial Certificate; both being very effective in helping her planning clients stay on budget and always get the biggest bang for their buck.


She also holds a design certification and minored in art - it’s that creative side of her brain that's truly passionate about event collateral materials like Save the Dates, Invitations, Programs, Monograms, and other beautifully printed items for celebrations.

After working in fundraising, events management, strategic marketing, and traditional advertising – she joined forces in 2003 with her Co-founder and began the retail design studio that is now DBY invitations.  Her background in the marketing and events world built a great foundation for her to help educate clients on their designs, communiques, printed items; and what's most important to include. She's also very experienced and knowledgeable in how to make the biggest and most effective impact on your guests (for the most value based price.)

So, reach out today and schedule a consultation. See how you can collaborate on a your special design.

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