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All About DBY

We've launched a blog - About us...

Welcome to our blog. We're overjoyed to be able to share the tips, tricks, and knowledge that we have accumulated after being in the events and wedding industry for over fifteen years.

We truly are passionate about what we do here and want every person to be happy, whether that’s through custom, one of a kind invitations or helping put together your big day with the option of our event planning services.

Our intimate studio was specifically chosen and decorated with you in mind. We keep it small, personal and stylish! DBY (Designed by You) is a design and planning studio all about giving you the best possible experience. We want you to have the perfect dream wedding or special event and we are always excited when you select us to help you get there.

For us, there is no better feeling then when you pick up your invitations and open the box with a grin from ear to ear because we know we got it right.

Call us today at 847-755-0861 to schedule a consultation about your celebration. Let's sit down and brainstorm the best ideas to set the perfect tone and make your vision a reality. We are ready and waiting to make it perfect just for you...

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