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Budgeting for My Wedding

Budgeting can be difficult for weddings. Between the venue, invitations, photographer, and flowers it’s hard to know how to divide up your money. Knowing where your money needs to go can help you stay in budget, which is always a good thing. Take your total wedding budget and divide into the sections below then make sure who ever helps your get this things know exactly what you have to spend. Telling the person will help them not to show you anything out of your budget.

Reception: 48-50%

Ceremony: 2-3%

Attire: 8-10%

Flowers: 8-10%

Entertainment/Music: 8-10%

Photography/Videography: 10-12%

Invitations/ Paper Goods: 6-9%Wedding Rings: 2-3%

Parking/Transportation: 2-3%

Gifts: 2-3%

Just-In-Case: 5%

DON’T FORGET ABOUT TAX! We see this time and time again that couples forget about tax. It is the number one reason people will go over budget on their wedding. Don’t forget too that if you are paying for the honeymoon you may want to factor that into your budget.

When you first get engaged try to make it a goal every month to save 15-20% of your income. Saving will help reduce any debt at the end. Also try little things like going out to eat less and stopping the Starbucks/Coffee runs; the little things add up for than we realize.

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