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The Life of an Invitation

Invitations don’t all come together in one day. They require time, planning, creativity, and multiple drafts to get it perfect. We thought we’d share with you the life of an invitation from start to finish.

Starts with an Idea. We work together on design, concept, and staying in budget. After the first meeting with have colors and a vision picked out.

All About Corrections. Out second meeting is to fix anything we got wrong and see what might need to be changed before going into production.

Production. Cutting, measuring, gluing, folding, printing, and everything in between goes into completing invitations. This whole process can take days because we want to get it right every time.

Final product. We carefully package everything up and want for the big reveal when you come pick up the final product ready to be shipped. Our favorite part is the big similes on your face!

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